«UNWTO – WTCF City Tourism Performance Research» workshop in Buenos Aires


por Future Places


This 26th of September, Juan Carlos Belloso participated in the Technical Workshop: «UNWTO – WTCF City Tourism Performance Research» in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The event was organized by the Entity of Tourism of Buenos Aires and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Its core idea was to consider «Urban Tourism» as an economic activity with a high potential to stimulate local economic growth as a result of its cross axis with other economic activities such as: contribution to GDP, job creation, foreign and services exchange, etc.

Prior to the workshop, the UNWTO, in collaboration with the World Tourism City Federation (WTCF), launched an initiative to showcase good practices on tourism performance in several urban destinations. The research has been conducted by a group of experts who collected field data in order to have more in-depth understanding of each city involved in the initiative on Destination Management, Economic Perspective, Social and Cultural Perspective, Environmental Perspective and Technology & New Business Models. Future Places conducted the research project in Buenos Aires and Marrakech.

During the event, destination management experts and professionals discussed the results of this research and provided recommendations to the cities on selected key performance areas.

The UNWTO-WTCF City Tourism Performance Research is an instrument for collecting information about systems measuring city tourism performance worldwide. A research of vital importance, as city tourism is growing each year as well as the number of people living in cities.

Here some news regarding the workshop:

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