Workshop: «Ambassadors: a key tool for city promotion»




Yesterday, 16th of November 2017, the Office of Europe and International Strategy and International Relations of the Diputació Barcelona, together with Juan Carlos Belloso from Future Places, organised the “Ambassadors: a key tool for city promotion” workshop.

Juan Carlos Belloso, was invited as key speaker to talk about the use of ambassadors’ networks as a place branding and place development tool. The seminar continued with two panel discussions with several place brand ambassadors such as the Film Director and Producer, Isona Passola; Surfer and Pukas Director, Adur Letamendia; Director of the Social and Restorative Justice Pere Tarrés-URL Chair, Esther Giménez; Osona Tourism Concillor, Milagros Martínez; Cardona Mayor, Ferran Estruch; or the President of the famous Vilafranca del Penedès castellers, Miquel Ferret Miralles.

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Furthermore, Juan Carlos Belloso leaded an afternoon workshop on the topic which gathered town councilors and technicians from nine cities of the Barcelona regio: Terrassa, Mataró, Esplugues de Llobregat, Montcada i Reixach, Sabadell, Sant Cugat, Vilafranca del Penedès, Granollers and Manresa.


The creation of an ambassadors’ network as a tool for city promotion is an initiative with major potential, which is being used in cities worldwide. City ambassadors, actors linked to the city who are also well-known in countries or entities around the world, help represent and spread local assets on an international scale as well as seize opportunities through the territory.