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por Juan Carlos Belloso

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A place brand can be worth billions. It can bring focus and discipline to everything a local, regional or national government does, from economic development and tourism to urban design and alleviating poverty.

Places, however, are complex, disparate, and often contradictory, which makes place branding enormously challenging. When it works, we reinforce our best selves in everything we say and do. When it doesn’t work, we suffer through random ideas, borrowed strategies, and bad guesses.

Place branding affects us all, as residents and as visitors, investors and business owners. That’s why advertising agencies earn massive fees for branding cities, regions, and nations.

Launched in 2014 by Florian Kaefer, The Place Brand Observer encourages a different approach to place branding by facilitating access to latest research insights and expert knowledge.

Over the years Florian, together with contributors from around the world, has developed TPBO into the leading library of research and collection of case studies on place branding, with lively expert interviews and reflections on latest trends, ideas and opportunities.

With a PhD in Management Communication (Waikato University, New Zealand) and degrees in Journalism, Tourism Management and Sustainable Development, Florian has been an ‘observer’ of the field for more than 12 years. Through TPBO he shares his insights and offers guidance on how neighborhoods, cities, regions, destinations and countries around the world (can) approach place branding to strengthen community identity, reputation and competitiveness.