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Juan Carlos has extensive experience talking to a wide array of audiences from governmental and non-profit organizations; to private and public-private organizations and partnerships; to arts, cultural and education organizations and institutions.

He can deliver keynotes, tailor made masterclasses, seminars, workshops and presentations, both in English and Spanish, and act as conference and panel moderator and curator.


Juan Carlos’s main speaking fields are:







Juan Carlos delivers keynotes and workshop on topics such as:


1. «A 10-step practical approach to build and manage attractive and powerful place brands»

In this Keynote / workshop we will be able to understand and learn:

> Why the image and reputation is important for places and what are the key image-influencing factors.

> How can we build and manage the image and reputation (brand) of our place following a 10-step practical approach, based on successful cases and experiences from cities, regions, countries and destinations worldwide.

> ‘How can we engage all the key place stakeholders and citizens in a place brand strategy or initiative’

> ‘What are the existing models in place brand management’.


2. «How to make great, attractive and successful places and public spaces’

In this Keynote / workshop we will be able to understand and learn:

> ‘Understand why public spaces fail and how we can transform or create a great, successful, attractive and dynamic places / public spaces through the use of placemaking processes and tools’

> ‘What is placemaking and what are the principles behind placemaking’

> ‘What are the key steps to follow for a successful placemaking project’

> ‘What are the different placemaking approaches and tools for a a placemaking project’

> ‘How can we use digital technologies in placemaking’

> ‘How can we use placemaking to engage the community and key place stakeholders in transforming and creating a great place’


3. «Developing sustainable, attractive destinations through engaging experiences and smart destination management»

In this keynote / workshop we will be able to understand and learn:

> ‘How can we develop, brand and promote our destination as an attractive place to visit’

> ‘What are the latest trends in tourism demand and consumption’

> How successful tourism destinations are developing more sustainable tourism models and innovative destination management strategies:

  • applying and embracing smart travel and destination technologies
  • developing strategies to preserve their natural and cultural heritage
  • building stronger destination brands
  • providing authentic, quality, engaging and memorable experiences to visitors


4. «Transforming and differentiating places through culture and creativity»

In this keynote / workshop presentation we will be able to understand and learn:

> How culture and creativity are as a tool to transform places and foster local development.

> How culture and creativity can contribute to increase the attractiveness of places as destinations to visit, live, work or invest, with successful examples and cases around the world.


5. «How to build, promote and manage attractive and successful arts, cultural and creative districts and destinations»

In this keynote / workshop we will:

> Review the different types of cultural districts that can be found and developed around the world, from organic, naturally occurring, bottom-up districts to planned, top-down districts to mixed cultural districts.

> Look at the main challenges we face when developing and promoting a cultural district or destination, from the strategic planning phase to its governance and management, including aspects such as creating a differentiated identity and compelling brand, assuring financial sustainability, creating attractive content and programming, animating public spaces, engaging stakeholders and citizens, or measuring its impact and success.


6. «Cultural and creative tourism as a tool for differentiation and sustainable tourism development»

In this keynote / workshop we will be able to understand and learn:

> What are the main trends in cultural tourism.

> ‘How can we use cultural and creative tourism for local development’


Each talk, workshop or conference is adapted and specifically designed and curated according to the objectives, topics, characteristics and profile of each event and audience.

Professional speaker fees and workshop budgets are calculated depending on the duration and characteristics of the event and organization, the specific location, and on the complexity of the collaboration, with special considerations made for not-profit organizations and academic institutions.



> Forum TurisTIC Barcelona. June 10, 2020

> 1ª Conferencia Ibero-americana de Place Branding. Nova FCSH. Lisboa. 1 – 3 Julio, 2020

> Global Cultural Districts Network Convening. Lugano. October 12 – 14, 202

> 5th Annual Conference of the International Place Branding Association. Barcelona. December 9 – 11, 2020



For specific information on the speaking topics or book Juan Carlos as speaker for an event or for a workshop, please contact: