Russia Tourism Brand Competition


por Juan Carlos Belloso

Tourism Brand Competition

Juan Carlos Belloso is honored to have been selected as part of the Jury of the new Russian Federation Tourism Brand Competition.

National branding is a strategy to increase marketability of the country to sweep foreign and domestic markets. Creating a tourism brand builds up a positive recognizable image of the country and increases marketability of the country’s tourism industry in the global travel services market.

Today, there is no brand or tagline of the Russian Federation as a holiday destination. Inthe meantime, most top destinations have a memorable brand (idea, visual language, tagline).

It is necessary to create a unified image contributing to recognizability of the RussianFederation as an attractive holiday destination.

In 2015, the Federal Agency for Tourism (Russia Tourism) hosted the first stage of the Open Russian Tourism Brand Contest under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

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