Mi Barrio, a project lead by the Ente de Turismo de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires and developed by the Austral University of Buenos Aires and Future Places, aims to understand and analyze the identity and main assets of the different districts and urban areas of the city of Buenos Aires, with the aim of designing strategies for positioning and promoting them as tourist destinations within Buenos Aires and develop urban strategies that increase their attractiveness to both visitors and residents. The project includes both qualitative and quantitative analysis as well as observation of the different neighborhoods and the analysis of their main urban, economic, cultural and social features.

The DG de Inteligencia de Mercado and Observatorio del Ente de Turismo de la Ciudad implemented in 2016 an applied research project called MiBArrio: an x-ray of the districts of Buenos Aires through the eyes of the neighbours and of a multidisciplinary research team that went out to the streets to capture the identity of each neighbourhood, in order to redesign or revalue the circuits and tourist routes and identify new possibilities.

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The research analysed the history and traditions of the district, its urban configuration and aspects related to tourism (main arteries, walkability, accessibility, etc.), gastronomic initiatives and services and unique spaces, always with the aim of showing a genuine city, open to the world without makeup.

It was sought to know the profile of the neighbours: values and patterns of behaviour, through focus groups and interviews were conducted to the main referents of the district: opinion leaders.

The research worked in the following 20 neighbourhoods, taking into consideration that the 15 communes that make up the City were represented by at least one neighbourhood. A selection was made according to the exhibition and tourist exploitation of each neighbourhood:

  • San Telmo
  • Montserrat
  • San Nicolás
  • Recoleta
  • Balvanera
  • Barracas
  • Parque Patricios
  • La Boca
  • Almagro
  • Caballito
  • Flores
  • Villa Soldati
  • Mataderos
  • Floresta
  • Villa del Parque
  • Saavedra
  • Colegiales
  • Palermo
  • Chacarita
  • Villa Crespo