New Russia Tourism Brand Approved


por Juan Carlos Belloso

Russia Tourism Logo

New Russia Tourism Brand Approved.

A competition was launched in 2015 and anyone could participate. Experts went through 480 logos and 600 slogans. Then in 2016, the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation organized the second round of the competition with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Association of Branding Companies of Russia. Branding industry professionals then developed 30 different concepts for Russian tourism brand identity.

A mass audience was given the opportunity to vote for one of ten pre-selected concepts. Each concept consisted of an idea description, slogan, and visual identity. Participants voted for the concept that better communicated Russia’s unique qualities and built the perception of a great place to visit. In November 2017, a committee selected the winner among the three top vote-getters (competition website:

The Russian tourism brand identity will be based on the winning concept:

‘The Whole World within Russia’

Russia is tremendous and vast. It has everything one can imagine: from subtropical to Arctic regions and climates, from the deepest lakes to the highest peaks. The truth is, Russia is not only huge in sheer size, but in other aspects as well – it stretches from the past to the future, comprising multiple cultures and preserving thousands of stories and memories. Traveling across Russia is more than just a travel. It is an endless discovery!

New Russia Tourism Logo Approved

Russian Tourism New Brand Concept and Visual Image