Member of the Creativity Group for the Millenary of the Abbey of Montserrat


por Juan Carlos Belloso

Montserrat copia

Montserrat is a unique mountain and natural park, the sanctuary of Our Lady of Montserrat, the patron saint of Catalonia and the monastery of a community of Benedictine monks. This community, known as Abadia de Montserrat, is centered on the common prayer of monks and also on the shelter, open to all.

The Abbey of Montserrrat is a center of culture, represents a place of tradition and symbol of identity for Catalonia and is a place of pilgrimage, peace and prayer and a tourist destination that will celebrate its millennium year in 2025, an event that, due to its nature and importance, has been recognized as an event of special public interest by the State.

The Millennium must be an opportunity to promote everything that Montserrat has contributed over the thousand years of history in the country, culture and civil society in general.

The Millennium Creativity Group of the Abbey of Montserrat is the thinking and inspirational body of the Abadia Foundation of Montserrat 2015 and its main function is to think, design and propose related ideas and projects with the current and future areas of Montserrat which could be susceptible to be developed in the framework of the commemoration of the millennium of the Abbey’