Manual Thinking – The tool for Managing Creative Teamwork


por Juan Carlos Belloso


Manual Thinking is a toolset consisting of foldable maps and removable labels, which make it easy to share tasks of planning, idea creation and decision making.

The different shapes and sizes of labels are used to gather thoughts and ideas of participants, which are arranged on the maps to create a visual document of the teams thought process. Manual Thinking is a universal tool which makes it easy to carry out all types of organization & creativity methods, such as Mindmapping, Brainwriting or Design Thinking, always guaranteeing a uniform, visual and tangible result.



Manual Thinking was conceived in the product design studio of Luki Huber, as a result of  the search for the optimization of the studio´s creative process, wherein teams of clients and users are invited to participate. The tools originated when Luki Huber, Swiss product designer based in Barcelona, connected his passion for maps with the apparent lack of systems to properly manage creative methodology with. Together with Gerrit Jan Veldman, product designer from Dutch origin, they shaped Manual Thinking into its current product and service range.

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