Destination Marketing. Tendências e Desafios. Porto 5 December, 2018


por Juan Carlos Belloso

Portuguese azulejo tile on one of the streets of the Old Town. In 1996, UNESCO recognised Old Town of Porto as a World Heritage Site.

In the scope of the Conference Cycle: «Challenges of the New Economy in the City», organized in partnership between Porto Business School and Porto City Council, the last session will take place on December 5 at 6:00 p.m., at the Teatro Municipal Rivoli this initiative.

Participating in the event are Juan Carlos Belloso (City Branding Expert), Mário Ferreira (President, Mystic Invest) and Nathalie Risacher (Senior country Manager, Natixis Portugal).

Never as now, the city has been promoted as a «brand» and has been «sold» as a city-region. In the case of the city of Porto, the projection that began with the secular history of Porto Wine, with the University and even with ‘Futebol Clube do Porto’, extended and led to the promotion and preservation of its tradition and its historical heritage and to the capacity of innovation and renewal of the city.

The challenge of the city of Porto will be to balance some of the aspects that make it unique, such as people, attitudes, the cultural assets and heritage of Porto, etc. with the creation of opportunities that position the city in a new paradigm of tourism: a creative and culturally thriving city and a source of attraction and retention of talent for companies in the Region.

What is the impact of this trend on the identity of the city?

What are the challenges for citizens, businesses and businesses in the region?


6:00 p.m. Opening
Ricardo Valente – Councilor for Economy, Tourism and Trade | Porto City Hall
Patrícia Teixeira Lopes – Associate Dean | Porto Business School
Paula Marques – Executive Director for Custom Solutions | Porto Business School

18h15 Juan Carlos Belloso – City Branding Expert

18h45 Round Table
Mário Ferreira – President | Mystic Invest
Nathalie Risacher – Senior country Manager | Natixis Portugal
Juan Carlos Belloso – City Branding Expert

Moderation: Rosália Amorim – Editorial Director | Living Money

19h30 Networking in Foyer
Juan Carlos Belloso has been an advisor to the city of Barcelona and other organizations and institutions for areas such as strategy, development, image and promotion. He is also founding member of «Barcelona Global», founding member of the International Place Branding Association and member of the advisory board of the Global Cultural Districts Network among other organizations.